Important announcement.

Dear readers and visitors.

This is one of the hardest messages I've written in months maybe even years. Only at the moment, with everything happening in life -- soon expecting our first child, the lockdowns, mental health, and more -- I've decided to close my website for the time being. I haven't been able to write due to the hormones and pregnancy being harder on me than I expected.
As soon as my life gets back on somewhat of a track and I'm able to write again I'll get the website up and running.

If you want to buy signed paperbacks or postcards, please do contact me. I still have a few of those for you!
Thank you for looking me up, reading this, and maybe even reading my books. I appreciate it!

Lost of Love Serena.

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Protector – The Full-Blood Series 1

The first book in the Full-Blood Series, telling the story of Isadora. A strong woman who knows what she wants.
Is thrown into a place she never wanted to be, only to wish she could stay forever.
Finding more than a good fight, she will find friendship and even love.

Make sure to pick up Saviour (#2) and Queen (#3) from the Full-Blood Series.

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Saviour – The Full-Blood Series 2

This is the second book in the Full-Blood Series, continuing the story of Isadora.
Will she keep her family that she has found or will she lose them all?

Make sure to read Protector (#1) first before you pick up Saviour.
If you already did, then don’t forget to get Queen (#3) in the Full-Blood Series.

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Queen – The Full-Blood Series 3

The last book in the Full-Blood Series.
Will she get what’s hers or will she lose everything and doom the world?
You will only find out by reading 😉

Please do read Protector (#1) and Saviour (#2) first.
These are the first and second book in this series.
With this book as the final.

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Lost & Lucky

A contemporary fiction that’s written with love and laughter in mind.
Enjoyable for every moment of the day, especially on hot summer nights.
But be aware of the author claims no responsibility for ruined underwear. She deny’s all responsibility for awkward situations that may occur while reading this book.
Really, people, you’re on your own!


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Grace: A Mary Tells Novel.

Grace is a strong young woman, ready to be free from her past.
Being almost free makes her bold, makes her feel like her old self.
Even if it’s only for one night.
One night with Lyle, one time and that will be it. Right?

Releases 5 November 2020

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Must read

according to Serena Nova
  • Sci-fi

    I'm all into space at the moment, and The Mercenary's Dawn was exactly what I needed. An amazing, well written, perfectly done Sci-Fi book. I loved it!

  • Strong Human Female

    Alethia, I love her. Being human in space is like a mouse against an elephant, we don't stand a chance. And Alethia knows it, being different in looks and being human makes her vulnerable. But she someone who stands up for what she believes and fights everyone who stands in her way. I love her, she's such a strong woman.

  • L.P. Peace!

    My first ever book from L.P. Peace and she didn't disappoint me. The whole renegades series is on my TBR list and I'm excited that there will be more to come! L.P. Peace knows how to build words, draw you in, and keep you there. Thank you for being this amazing author and sharing your work with us.


Ok I love this series so much, sucked me right in and never let go I couldn't put it down!!! If I could chose I would want to come back as Isadora in my next life, she kicks some serious ass!! The kings of man, the smart one, alpha one, the charmer and the leader, all of them another piece of the puzzle. I can't wait for more, this author is amazing!!

Amazon reviewer

The first instalment in The Full-Blood Series.
A woman is thrown into a place she never expected to be, only to find out that it will be her home. How will she deal with the chaos that's placed on her path? Will she survive everything and find her family?

// Get protector now