Another day from the bed and a secret!

First of all, I’ve been tested on covid, the test was negative. But I’m having a light version of the flu, the doctor checked me over. So I’m all good. Just spending another day from the bed. As I’ve been doing last week and probably will be doing most of this week too. Just giving my body some rest, which it’s been demanding.

In my last blog posted I talked about my depression, just to let you all know, I’m doing much better with that. It’s still sometimes a little falling down and getting back up thing. But a depression is never a light, blows over in a few days kinda thing for me. But I’m doing fine, enjoying being back behind the computer and writing this.

So as some of you might know, I’ve started talking about a secret in my FB group. I’ve been debating with myself (which is always a lot of fun) about if I should tell you all this or not. I’m still not sure if I should tell it. I had decided to not tell it when I started this project, but on the other hand. I love you all as my readers and I don’t want you to miss out on any story I write. But I also wanted to keep them separate as they are two totally different genres. But here I go. Oh one other reason why I want to tell it, it’s because it feels so freaking weird to pretend to write a post in someone’s els their name and pretend like I don’t know that person. I’m not good at that, so I’m going to be honest about it. As some might know by now, I’ve had Mary Tells promote something in my group, which (if you had an AHA moment, you probably know what I’mg going to say now) is me. I had decided to write under a different pen name as well. Just to give Serena the room to write anything and everything and Mary Tells will focus on more Romance and maybe a little more erotica then Serena does. That was the idea, but the characters in Grace made it chaos and I ended up more to the Romance side with some triggers in it than planned. But in the end, I’m Mary Tells, I’m Serena Nova and there probably will be another name as well. Because sadly, not everyone will like the genres that Mary or Serena write in. And sometimes its best to keep them a little separate.
So that’s the big secret, kinda boring right?

There will be a page called secret, where I’ll be showing the information of Grace and all.

Thanks for reading this long long post.

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