Building A Website

First of all, you guys should know this. I’m a Dutch woman. Which means English is my second language. I do everything in my books to get it right, which means I hire an editor to get my work checked and double-checked before it goes out to you, the readers. But I’m not going to do that with these blogs. I’m sorry, I think my editor would run away screaming from me if I came with a blog now and then and let’s be honest it will cost money. And I rather spend that money on my books being edited then a blog. So if you really, really and let’s say Really hate my writing in here, just click away and enjoy the rest of your day.

Now the part that resonates with the title. Building a website, I finally decided to do this right. I have been done with semi stuff and not working website for some time now. Which meant, finding something I liked, works and most of all make me smile when I look at it. I found it, in this amazing epic template. The best thing of all, I figured out how to use it, or at least trying to. But you know how that goes, falling and getting back up. I’m almost ready, almost done with it all. I’ve got my books presented on it, my about me written, and now the blog. Which is so strange, as I’ve been pushing this – building a website thing, as far away from me as I could. But next to Facebook, or any other social media platform, it’s important to be reachable for readers. And I hope those readers will be going “oooohhh, aahhhh” when they scroll through my website. It’s how I go every single time I do something new, or when I show it to friends and family. I also hope they’ll buy my books, but wich author doesn’t hope for that? I hope you will like the site, what I did with it and in the end, the blog’s that I’m going to write. I’m not going to put every week or every whatever down, because I suck so freaking hard at those deadlines. I’m already glad that I make the deadlines for my books, nine out of ten times ;). So with this said, and written and first blog and all. I’m going to say good day, night or whatever timezone you are right now. Enjoy your day lovely.

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