How I Write

“The scariest moment is always just before you start. After that, things can only get better.” ~ Stephen King

  • Clean Desk

    Something that never exists in my workspace, I can't work without a perfectly organised chaos.

  • Defined Working Times

    I love to work in the morning, after my breakfast and two cups of tea I sit behind my screen and I hope not to be staring at it for the rest of the day. But having working hours help with rhythm and in the end, make you adjust to working in those times instead of random ones.

  • No Distractions

    That's the goal, but life always distracts you. What I do use is a headphone, the feeling of my ears being covered help me and the music that plays through it gives me the distraction my brain needs to zero in on my writing. Music also helps to get my creative juices flowing.

My Tools

My Most Important Tools

Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it's produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.

Ken Robinson

To keep in mind

You Have To Begin Somewhere

Write A Lot

The biggest and best tip I can give you is to write. Pick up a pen and paper, your phone or a computer and start writing. Don't think about if it's good or not, let the words, the characters carry you away on an adventure and worry about the rest later. First, enjoy it. Nobody started out perfect, and you will not either, and that's alright. Just keep on writing!

Read A Lot

Read for relaxation but also read books about writing, books about character development, be ready to learn to improve. Everyone needs to learn how to ride a bike before they can do it. Be open to studying, to learn and get better.

Keep On Writing

I'm going to say it again, keep on writing. Don't let others hold you back, write, write and write some more. One time a Dutch author told me when I asked her, "How do you start writing." She answered. "By just starting." So start, lovely reader. Just begin.