Mental health and what not…

Hey lovely peeps,

Some of you have read my FB group post, some of you might’ve not. In both cases it’s all fine. I just wanted to let you here know as well.
I’ve decide to step back from Facebook, this mostly because of my own mental health.

I love you as a reader, for the fact that you picked up my book(s) and gave me a change to become something I never dared to dream off. Thank you so much for that. And that thing, writing, I want to continue doing that. To write the worlds that move inside my mind, to write the stories of the characters that want and need their voice to be heard. The only way for me to do that is to keep my own mental health under control, and that means less drama. And believe me I got enough on my own plate as it is.

My FB group will stay live. Only it will be a place where I announce things, after I announced them here. I had been thinking of moving away from FB for some time now, and today is the day that I’m sort of going. So, if you want to stay updated by the latest news, information or what nots about me, my books and more then jump on here, scroll through the website. As I said before, and on the FB post, I’m not closing down the group, I’m just going to be less active on there. Announcements, teasers, pre-orders will all be posted in that group still. And all still with the same love and enthusiasm for my characters and readers.

I hope you all decide to stick with me, to keep on reading the words that I put out on paper. I got plenty of story rushing through my brain, taking over my dreams as well. Keep an eye out on the website.

Love you babes.

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