Grace: A Mary Tells Novel.

Grace is a strong young woman, ready to be free from her past.
Being almost free makes her bold, makes her feel like her old self.
Even if it’s only for one night.
One night with Lyle, one time and that will be it. Right?

Releases 5 November 2020



My hell started with me meeting him.
Dashing. Charming.
I thought love had found me.
I was wrong.

Falling in love was easy. Running away from it has proven to be much harder.

He holds a secret over me, one that keeps me bounded, chained, trapped.
The only way out is to move to the other side of the country.
I’m almost ready.
A few more weeks and I’m gone — free.

That’s when Lyle Hayes, womaniser extraordinaire, steps into the picture.
He makes the world stop when he moves.
He is every woman’s dream, every man’s nightmare.

Lyle ticks me in ways I can’t describe.

I want nothing to do with him.
Escape my chains. Take my money. Get out.
That’s my plan.
But Lyle doesn’t wish for me to escape.
He wants me in his sights, inside his grasp.
I’m not going to let him have it so easily — it’s time I take control of my life.
It’s time for those chains to break.



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A Mary Tells Novel