Queen – The Full-Blood Series 3

The last book in the Full-Blood Series.
Will she get what’s hers or will she lose everything and doom the world?
You will only find out by reading 😉

Please do read Protector (#1) and Saviour (#2) first.
These are the first and second book in this series.
With this book as the final.

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We’re back, purple piglets!
And we’ve come to claim what’s ours.
To pick up the pieces that we’ve left behind.
I didn’t expect a welcome home party. Don’t get me wrong, it would’ve been fun, but I didn’t expect this either.

The moment we stepped out of the gate, we were thrown on another rollercoaster.
Another battle awaits us—a battle we have to win.
There’s no time to just go along for the ride.
No, I have to take it all head-on.

Because I’m Isadora.
And I protect everything that’s mine.
And you better hope you’re on that list.



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If you haven’t read this series go start at the first one, sit back and enjoy.

If you just finished like me! Moment to fan girl... awesome!

Going to look for some more work by this author

Amazon reviewer

One of the greatest ending to a great series I love how the story comes full circle I would love to see what happens with her kid in the future just all-around great story

Amazon reviewer

Well the series didn't disappoint. Love the action, comedy and the use of magic. I purchased all 3 books. I hope the author will start another series

Amazon reviewer