Quarantine and writing

I’ve been on and off in quarantine. First because the Netherlands went into an intelligence lockdown, then because I had a lung infection. Which meant I couldn’t go out as I had the “symptoms” that you can find with Covid as well. So I stayed home, with the nice weather wasn’t to bad. Then I got better, could go outside again and things started to feel like “normal.” After that I got pregnant, got sick because I was pregnant so I ended up in bed for five weeks, which meant being in the house again. Don’t get me wrong, I work from home, which means I’m used to being at home. Only being at home because you have too is something totally different. Still, I do it, every single time I sneeze too much or if I cough too long I stay home. Not for my own health but that of others.
I got tested when I kept having a soar throat and the test was negative, which was nice. And meant I could go outside again. And believe me, what a joy that was! Then I got sick, got the flu. I got tested again, which was negative again. And I saw the doctor, which is why I know that it was the flu. Now I was happy to finally get better as well, and go outside again. This was five days ago. We went to a small birthday party. And sadly we received the news that one of our friends tested positive. Which means that we’re in quarantine (again) for at least 10 days. Which is fine for us, I work from home, my husband can work from home. We can have lunch together, and we got a lot of alcohol free beer in the house so we’re fine.

But all this up and down, staying in the house, going out the house, not knowing if you have it or not. It’s hard on my mind. Which means my writing is going up and down as well. Some days are easier to write, other days are harder. I try to keep a rhythm, so 5k a day is my goal. I’ve noticed keeping a rhythm, a daily goal helps me to relax. To not get overwhelmed by the things that happen around me. To be honest, it works. To have a rhythm, to have something that’s a goal or stays the same every day. Which is also my breakfast. I make banana-pancake every morning, drink two cups of thee and watch whatever’s on the TV before I go to work.

I also decided that I’m running again, I know with the quarantine it isn’t “allowed” but the rules are a little different here then in other places. I also run at 7 am in the morning, it’s already darker outside, mostly raining and cold so there aren’t many people around. I avoid them as I can, run on other sides than people are walking. But I do need this, even if it’s only a 15 minute run. That time for myself, and to clear my head before my day starts. It’s the best feeling ever. And after two weeks staying inside because of the flu, it’s nice to be back to running.

I hope with the running, and the rhythm that I have that I get my mental health under control, or even just happy. I’m good with either. But in the end, this is me writing while I’m in quarantine. I put on my onesie, my hair in a bun…. O wait, that’s how I look almost every single day. 😉

So now you know how my day’s have been, in a short version. (Believe me this was me keeping it short.) I hope you all are keeping save, social-distancing and stay home when you aren’t feeling too well. It’s all we can do, keep each other and yourself safe.

Have a good day.

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