The flu in Corona time

Social distancing, staying home, quarantine are all words I’ve used a lot the past few months. Normally I get excited about staying home, not having to go anywhere. But losing the option to just go somewhere, that’s different.

I’ve been almost only at home for months now, and still I managed to pick up the flu. *insert ironic snort*
I wash my hands, every time I come home, or walk into a store. We aren’t going out, not much that is. And to be honest, it’s not as free as it was. I’m all for staying home, keeping everyone safe, yourself and others. That’s why we do this. Not because it’s inconvenient for me. No because I don’t want to make my mother in law sick, or my own mother. Both of their healths aren’t great. So I wash my hands, stay away as much from others, especially the people I don’t know and follow the rules. But in the end, I still ended up with the flu. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it means everyone will get COVID or the flu. I just say, that it’s a little ironic, for me that is. Staying home, not being in contact with a lot of people, washing my hands and so on. And still I got the flu. And yes it was the flu, got tested for covid (again) and it was negative (again). So I’m all good, all fine and finally getting better.

But the flu in a time like this, it’s hard. Harder than I expected. I have to admit, I wasn’t in the best mental health when I got sick, so the hit I got was bigger than I expected. Because I’m sick, sneezing, coughing, soar throat, headache. All COVID listed things, which means staying home. And I did — poor husband, he had to go out for everything. But I stayed home, keeping others and myself safe. That’s the goal.

I have to admit it’s just hard, I miss my friends, the casual “let’s go out for dinner,” and so much more. Now you have to think about it. Do I have my mask with me, have I made a reservation, how many people will be there? And so on. Questions I’m more than happy to ask myself, but it’s hard. Thinking about everything you do.
And then the flu, feeling like shit and being in bed all day. It breaks me, I haven’t managed to write, except for a few things here and there. And this post. Which I hope will get me motivated to get my fingers flying over my keyboard again and write some of the stories that are in my mind.

But I knew I had to write this one first. I fell asleep thinking about this blogpost. About this strange year we live in. And the impact it’s having on me. And probably on so many others, I know I’m not the only one who feels like this, I’m not alone in this. And how hard it may be, or get (let’s hope it won’t) I’ll follow the rules, keep others safe, keep my mother and my mother in law safe, the older neighbours and everyone else. If that means I’ll eat some more chocolate and cry a little more often because I miss the old life. Then that’s fine with me, I know there will be a better day after today, it’s called tomorrow. And this, we’ll get through it, together.

Follow the rules, stay safe, stay home, wear a mask and keep your loved ones and yourself safe.

Lots of Love.

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