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Holding on to Smoke

Jarah's story

One of my next projects will be about Jarah.

I'm not going to tell you everything, or too much.
But what I can tell you is this.
Jarah will learn to survive the lies that her family told her from the moment she was born. To rise above them and become more than she ever thought she could be. About a love that will blossom slowly and grow into a force to be reckoned with. It will be about loss, finding herself and standing up to everyone, even her own family. Because they aren't always the best for you. Sometimes it's all about letting go and see through the smoke to find the fire that's burning inside you.

I'm excited to write her story, as I found the cover on Instagram and fell in love with it. It's made by the amazing Tash from Dazed Designs.



Release date will follow


We're going to space.

We're going into space.

Taya is a bounty hunter, who wants to be free, make her own decisions. Only she'll be dragged into Ruzan's life as he needs a bounty hunter to get his bride back.
Which will be an adventure on its own.

Release date will follow.


Release date will follow


Things can suck in two ways.

Vampires, who doesn't love them?
This story started out as something totally different and it started to evolve. It will be my next Reverse Harem, with three delicious vampires, one woman who doesn't really care as she has one goal in life, becoming the best. She'll screw whoever she needs to get there, but in the end, life has a way to throw you off. To make you see that not everything's about being the best. Sometimes being just you is enough.

Release date will follow